Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage. Psalm 84:5

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Two more days to enter last week's Thankful Thursday Contest!

Visit this post:
and all you have to do to enter is check out her etsy site and leave a comment on that post.

We'll use to choose a winner Thursday night.

Hope Your Day Was Filled With Blessings!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hope of the Nations

I really like "things with meaning". Sentimental at heart I guess-but it's the family heirlooms-very special gifts-and other items that have special meaning that I enjoy the most.

If I'm going to wear a bracelet, or necklace or earrings..I often wear the ones that have a story to tell. My earrings were from my incredible backpacking trip in Greece with my best friend!
My rings-of course-from my wedding to my love!
My bracelets-all ones I've made to remind me of various scripture passages or the best of all-the blessing bracelet made for me by my dear friends in my home town.

And so..this beautiful set-now listed on:

is my favorite so far!  It's still fun-and original like her others-but this one tells a story. The magazine used was the World Vision Gift Catalog and when you look closely at the paperclip beads you can see the faces of needy children. The Jesus charms remind us of how Jesus said to let the children come to him. For us not to hinder them as such is the kingdom of God and how we should feed those who are hungry-clothe the naked-shelter the homeless. 

I think this special set is going to need a special owner! Someone who will wear it not just because it's unique and pretty-but because it speaks to their heart and reminds them and those who admire it of some of what is most important to our Jesus!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday!!!!

This week something AMAZING happened in our home....and I am SO THANKFUL!!!!
 Once upon a night...while everyone else in the house were sleeping..I was wide awake. I was helping my sick son, cleaning "stuff" we won't describe off a chair, scrubbing a floor, sanitizing a toilet and doing laundry. I then continued to lie awake...waiting for the next episode-which came- and I proceeded to do more of the same. 

Once upon that morning, my children woke at their normal hour-which to me seemed WAY earlier that day and needless to say I was not ready to be awake! So...I dragged myself down the stairs-smooshy pillow in hand, put on the babysitter (read tv) and plopped on the couch where I tried my best to catch a few more zzzzzzz's. 

Here's the AMAZING part. My 11 year old came down a bit later and saw me on the couch.She had stayed home from her school not feeling well herself.  She assumed I was asleep and I was able to over hear this:

My amazing Teagan!

"Hey guys...what do you normally do right now? You shouldn't be just watching tv. Let's get going. Let's go unload the dishwasher, get dressed and I'll help you get started with school. We'll let Mommy sleep."

The younger started to protest! They were planning on taking full advantage of my coma-like state. But the older gently continued in a whisper:

"Come on!!! Let's do this!!!!" and know what?? 


I was so proud and so thankful!!! The 11 year old has been known to 'take advantage" when she sees an opportunity so I was overly blessed to overhear this moment of tenderness and helpfulness and in return..this Thankful Thursday is in her honor!!!

Our giveaway is for a product of your choice from her very own etsy shop!!!
To enter...all you have to do is visit her site:

then come back and comment on what you want to win!!! That's it!! 

Now..of course we would be so thankful if you would share this on your facebook-blog-or wherever!!!!!! But, you don't have to-to enter. 

We will use to choose the winner next Thursday!!!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my Thankfulness!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Better at What?

When the computer is on......I'm a better blogger.
When the computer is on....I'm a better writer.
When the computer is on....I'm a better keep in toucher.
When the computer is on....I'm a better up to date with the newser.
When the computer is on....I'm a better salesperson.
When the computer is on...I'm a better face booker.
When the computer is on....oh-let's face it....

When the computer is off....I'm a better house keeper.
When the computer is off...I'm a better wife.
When the computer is off....
I'm a better Mommy!

It's going off. Sorry if I'm not good at blog posts-or emails-or face book posts-or keeping up with listing new things on my business. Yesterday I restrained myself and kept the computer off all day. It was a good day of school and snuggling and reading books and cups of tea and tickling and cleaning and loving my family. It only happens that way when the computer is off. My mind wants to remind me that my blog is somehow an obligation..that I started an etsy shop and should be more diligent...that people have emailed and I need to respond. But the truth is that loving and caring for my family should always come first and no matter how many things I do better with the computer on...

When the computer is off..I'm a better Mommy!
 So..the computer is going off and I'm off to be a better Mommy!

Have a blessed day!!