Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage. Psalm 84:5

Thursday, October 27, 2011

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Find Joy Out of The Boat While Waiting with Beautiful Feet!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

What About Me!!!!

I'm sure you think I was cruel.
Did my words insult you? Did you find them mean and selfish and heartless?
Perhaps you shouldn't judge me so quickly. 
Perhaps, after reading only one line about my entire existence, it isn't really fair to condemn me.

Have you considered what you might have felt or what you might have said if you were in my sandals?

Have you ever had everything going your way and then it all ripped out from under you in one day?
From riches to rags....from blessings to curses.....from notoriety to nothing!

I've seen how you ladies react to the slightest change in your agenda. For example: You are typing away trying to polish off a new blog post when you hear a crash! One of your children has dropped a platter of food and made a dangerous mess all over! You are irritated and more times than not-you show it. This "accident" has interrupted your agenda and for that fact alone-you let the child know of your displeasure.

How about those of you whose spouses have lost a job? The fear-the panic-the worry that overcomes you instead of peace and waiting.  The crunching of numbers instead of just crouching on your knees. I know loosing a job can be really hard..but it's not the worst and yet it has brought the worst out of some of you.

When you are you ever wonder why or how you can possibly go about your daily tasks feeling so horrible? Do you ever feel sorry for yourself that you have to suffer so and continue to be Mommy even though sometimes you feel very unappreciated?

If you can relate to any of those examples..then please...cut me some slack 
because this is what happened to me.

One day my family was the most notorious in all the land! My husband was top dog! Head honcho! Leader of the pack! He was the one others came to for advice and wisdom and I was always so proud to stand by his side! My Man!! What a catch! Our children...all ten of them-were blessings from the Lord! They enjoyed their families wealth and status..perhaps a bit too much sometimes..but over all, I was proud and so thankful I was chosen to be their Mommy. The livestock...Oh! The livestock-too numerous to list! We were VERY affluent and never had a need that went unmet. What more could a woman ask for? Wonderful husband, lots of tremendous children (not to mention the grandchildren I was hoping for soon!), and every "thing" a person could want for! Doesn't it sound wonderful?

Then...BAMM!!! I'm at home baking fresh bread when I hear a moaning. More of a deep, painful, cry. I leave the kitchen in a hurry, rush outside, only to find that my entire world has been shred to bits! My husband has shaved his head and torn his cloak. He is moaning and waling and my heart and stomach sink as I know something beyond horrible must have happened to cause such a reaction in my strong man! I beg of him:

"What has happened??!! Tell me!!! What has happened to cause you such pain, dear husband??" After much time waiting for him to be settled enough to speak he breaks the news to me.

"They're all gone! All of them are gone!! All our servants...our animals and I am so sorry my wife-but our children. They are all dead!"

ALL DEAD. ALL DEAD. ALL DEAD. I heard nothing beyond those words. And I too..died that day.

My mourning for the loss of my loved ones hadn't even subsided a tad when my man was stricken with disease. Horrible, disgusting, painful sores covered his body. He was ravaged with pain day and night. Now, besides my position in society, my wealth, my help, my flocks and my seems I have lost my husband.

The one who was always the most respected.

The one who I needed to be strong to help me through my pain and my loss. 

Now..he too is in physical pain and seems daily to be losing his battle to live. 

I not only have to try to manage to keep our home, find food to put on the table, and do all the work myself (since the servants have all died), but now I must try to comfort this ailing man who surely will soon leave this world and me!  I will then really be all alone. Everything I loved will have been taken from me in an excrutiating way and I am all but dead myself with the heaviness in my heart.

So...I am sorry if my words offended you. If I seemed cruel or unloving. I was not always that way. But, when I looked outside at who once was my strong, respected, righteous husband and saw only a crumpled up figure of pain- I couldn't help but think:

"God...just take him! Take him now and get it over with! All else is gone and in this state he might as well be!"

And so..I said what I said. My famous words that have to this day followed me and 
given me such a bad reputation.

"Are you still holding on to your integrity? Curse God and die!" 

You don't need to tell me why it was wrong. Even through his pain, my husband did as much when he replied,

"You are talking like a foolish woman. Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?"

I'm sorry. I'm sorry that though my husband did not sin in what he said that I did. I am sorry that when everything I cherished was taken from me in an instant that I did not hold my tongue and trust in God as my husband was able. I was hurting in way I had never hurt before. I was feeling alone and scared and without hope. On the brink of losing my mind and man in addition to all else...I just snapped. I am not asking for justification of my sin. Just that you might be honest with yourself and me and admit that I am not alone in my transgressions. That you yourself have sinned in your words and thoughts when much less was taken from you-and therefore- perhaps- I could be shown love instead of hate.

Maybe you are right. Maybe I was being cruel and selfish and mean. But maybe...just haven't put yourself in my sandals before. Maybe...just maybe you too would have said what I did-or even worse.  

Maybe...just maybe..when all we know about a person is one little teeny, tiny line of one thing that they spoke...we shouldn't be so quick to judge. 

Maybe....just maybe...when someone says something really out of line, we should give them the benefit that perhaps they are hurting in a way we have never experienced and what they really need is a friend to love them and show them grace.

I would normally end a letter with my signature, but though many have judged me...they do not even know my name.

Yours truly,
Job's Wife

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Don't Want to Do It!!!!

It's time. It's actually overdue.
I don't want to do it-but I know I have to.

I need to change my bio.

You might think (if you haven't had any big changes in your family-or your roles lately) what's the big deal?

But think about it. Really think about it. What do we say in our bios? We have a small amount of space to put what we consider to be the most important truths about ourselves. In this little paragraph we aspire to share with others a personal peek at the depths of innermost selves. We portray not only who we are, but also who we want to be, who we know we should be, and how we want others to see us. 

We classify ourselves as part of certain groups. Some list their qualities in order of most important to least. 
Others list their talents, accomplishments, or goals. We tend to add details that help others feel they are somehow connected to us....I'm a homeschooler...just like you. Or ....I'm a Christian...just like you. Or...I have a large family...just like you. Or.....I use all natural products and cloth diapers...just like you. 

These lists of things about ourselves is what often attracts others to read our blogs in the first place.
"Oh! She's a foster Mom? I think I want to do that, I'll read her blog and see what she has to say."
or maybe,
"She's been homeschooling for 16 years! Wow! I bet she has some great ideas to share that will help me!"

And so on and so on.

It's time. I don't want to change my bio but I have to.
I don't want to lose the identities I gave myself when I started this blog. It seems like admitting defeat or "un-joining" some unspoken club. 

I'm not quite sure how to "put my best foot forward" 
when I feel like both feet are in pretty sad shape right now. 

So-I'm just going to do what I often do. I'm going to put the truth out there.
I'm going to say it like it is, for better or for worse. 
I am sure my bio will not be as exciting or as impressive. It might be quite lame and boring-but-club or no club-it will be who I am and where God has me at this point in my journey with him. 

And one thing is certain...though the words may change and the focuses altered I will for a long time to come still have the same bio picture so the world can pretend (along with me) that I still look as stunning as I see myself that day in Hawaii over 7 years ago!!!!!!
Meet the "new me" in my bio shortly.

Friday, October 14, 2011

God Cares About Friends...and chocolate!

Those of you who have followed my blog know that our family suffered a crisis last month.
We're still not over I mentioned, it will be a long road.

One of the things that has been really hard through this ordeal is the realization of how much I miss my Christian friends in New Jersey where we moved from 3 years ago. 
I know for a fact that many of them would have come to our side to offer support.

They would have shown their love by:
offering a meal or two
offering to babysit some kiddos
sitting and listening while I cried my heart out
praying with me-daily if need be
speaking the word of God and his truth into our difficult situation
In the past I have known these ladies to even offer to do some laundry-
clean a bathroom-whatever it takes to make the load a little lighter.
One night, when my heart was so heavy with hurt and pain and loneliness, I cried out to Jesus, "Please, Jesus, take this burden from me. It is SO heavy and I have no one to talk to or to help me carry this load." 
I don't doubt that the Lord has us in this "place" for many reasons-one of which may be that He would prefer me to call on Him then on my friends-as dear and wonderful as they are. 
And so...besides my wonderful husband (who I am not taking anything from-he has been super-but it's just not that same as a friend) I have been going at this struggle alone. 
I try to stop myself from having personal pity parties...I take my thoughts captive when I find I'm not being thankful....I trust that God is in control of it all...and yet...daily... I feel very sad and very alone.

And then...last night...something wonderful happened. God reminded me that, Yes, of course He is in control, and Yes, of course I should be leaning on Him and He is sufficient to meet all my needs BUT...He hears my cries and He knows my heart and He loves me. 

He loves me enough to send me a friend and some chocolate!!!

A woman who I spent some casual time with in a homeschool co-op nursery (almost a year ago and haven't seen or talked to since), stopped by last night. guessed it....a yummy homemade chocolate treat!
She said the Lord had put me on her heart lately and she wanted to stop by. 
She wanted our number, to get together. She wanted to know how we were doing (she had/has no idea about any of our situation at all), and to know how she could pray for me. 

I've been crying so much-I hate to admit it-after she left it all brought me to tears. 
However, this time, the tears were truly thankful tears. 
So thankful for the reminder that God loves me enough to send me some comfort 
in a form I recognize so wonderfully.

Thank you Lord-for always being perfect-for doing things in your timing-
for teaching me even through the hurt and for loving on me with some friendly comfort-caring-chocolate!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


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