Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage. Psalm 84:5

Friday, October 14, 2011

God Cares About Friends...and chocolate!

Those of you who have followed my blog know that our family suffered a crisis last month.
We're still not over I mentioned, it will be a long road.

One of the things that has been really hard through this ordeal is the realization of how much I miss my Christian friends in New Jersey where we moved from 3 years ago. 
I know for a fact that many of them would have come to our side to offer support.

They would have shown their love by:
offering a meal or two
offering to babysit some kiddos
sitting and listening while I cried my heart out
praying with me-daily if need be
speaking the word of God and his truth into our difficult situation
In the past I have known these ladies to even offer to do some laundry-
clean a bathroom-whatever it takes to make the load a little lighter.
One night, when my heart was so heavy with hurt and pain and loneliness, I cried out to Jesus, "Please, Jesus, take this burden from me. It is SO heavy and I have no one to talk to or to help me carry this load." 
I don't doubt that the Lord has us in this "place" for many reasons-one of which may be that He would prefer me to call on Him then on my friends-as dear and wonderful as they are. 
And so...besides my wonderful husband (who I am not taking anything from-he has been super-but it's just not that same as a friend) I have been going at this struggle alone. 
I try to stop myself from having personal pity parties...I take my thoughts captive when I find I'm not being thankful....I trust that God is in control of it all...and yet...daily... I feel very sad and very alone.

And then...last night...something wonderful happened. God reminded me that, Yes, of course He is in control, and Yes, of course I should be leaning on Him and He is sufficient to meet all my needs BUT...He hears my cries and He knows my heart and He loves me. 

He loves me enough to send me a friend and some chocolate!!!

A woman who I spent some casual time with in a homeschool co-op nursery (almost a year ago and haven't seen or talked to since), stopped by last night. guessed it....a yummy homemade chocolate treat!
She said the Lord had put me on her heart lately and she wanted to stop by. 
She wanted our number, to get together. She wanted to know how we were doing (she had/has no idea about any of our situation at all), and to know how she could pray for me. 

I've been crying so much-I hate to admit it-after she left it all brought me to tears. 
However, this time, the tears were truly thankful tears. 
So thankful for the reminder that God loves me enough to send me some comfort 
in a form I recognize so wonderfully.

Thank you Lord-for always being perfect-for doing things in your timing-
for teaching me even through the hurt and for loving on me with some friendly comfort-caring-chocolate!!


  1. Oh my goodness HOW Beautiful! My husband and I have 2 small children, 4 and 2. I babysit 3 days a week plus every time they call :) and we just started fostering the end of August. I love it but right now I am overwhelmed and exhausted. To have 30secs. w/o interrupted thought and my goodness I haven't seen my husband in 2 mos. I feel like we're just tag teaming. We have no family where we are - we're new here, so it's horrible asking someone to watch my 2 pre-fostering. Now having to ask for a free babysitter and find someone to watch our foster child on the same night, I could cry just admitting how hard this is. By the time I've gone through the rejection of asking 5 ppl. and we finally get it squared away I'm to exhausted and worried that we're burdening someone to enjoy our few moments together. -Not that it's even happened. That's just how it was pre-foster care so now It's exhausting to even imagine. We're in ministry also, so after planning on a date - something comes up. Or our calendars were confused. Anywho, I hear ya! I'm handling it better than it's coming across right now :) Your post just hit alongside my falling apart tonight :)
    HIS Clay~

  2. Shannon
    & Melissa,
    My prayers are with you both tonight. I wish that I lived closer to both of you so I could offer to help watch kids or bring a meal. (both which I love to do). The best that I can do right now is offer support through prayer so know that you are being blessed in prayer.

    In Him,