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Saturday, August 20, 2011

AKA Mother Goose

Mother Goose can sit in the same chair for six hours.
Mother Goose can smile that whole time-even though she has a canker sore that is killing her!
Mother Goose can facepaint countless spider men-over and over and over and still thinks it's fun!
Mother Goose speaks kind and gentle words to every child she talks to.
Mother Goose is even gracious and kind to the mothers who are not being kind and gentle with their words to her and their children.
Mother Goose keeps on going..even when her hands cramp.
Mother Goose doesn't turn away the last few children, even though the event is over and time is up. She wouldn't want to make even that one child feel left out!
Mother Goose looks beautiful!! She makes a lot of effort to be pretty and sparkly and wear her best dress and bonnet!
Mother Goose feels sorry for the child who says, "I'd like Hello Kitty painted on my face please" and the Mommy cuts in with " Don't get that! The flowers are much prettier!
and the child who says:
"I'd like my butterfly to be pink and blue please." and the Mommy says, "Don't get those colors! You should get purple and light blue!"
Mother Goose could cry with compassion for the boy who stood in line with his mom and little sister. When his sister was done having her face painted the Mom said, "Sit down, it's your turn." He replied, "No thanks, I don't want a painting." The Mom raised her voice and said, "We stood in this line, now sit down!" He nicely countered with, "We stood in the line for my sister, I don't want one." The Mother then grabbed his arm, forced him around the chair, at which point he elbowed his little sister in the face-on her face painting, and she began to cry. " The Mom pushed him in the chair and angrily accused, "You could be more careful next time!" Sweet child calmly looked up at Mother Goose and said, "I guess a snake would be fine, please."
Mother Goose tried to convey with a loving look how pleased she was that he was being so polite, even under the current pressure. She wanted to give him a hug and say she was sorry to be painting on him even though he didn't want it. The best she could do was paint a quick easy snake, smile lovingly, and get him out of there!
Mother Goose worked a day. With children that were sometimes grumpy-parents that were demanding and sometimes mean....without even a break to pee-or a bite to eat. And yet...Mother Goose did not complain one time or let her circumstances change her bright cheery mood!!!
Then..Mother Goose went home.
Mother Goose (surprise, surprise) does not live in Nursery Rhyme Land. She is the Mother of 6! She comes home to a messy house...a cranky baby...5 needy and whiny kids...a busy husband and..SHE REALLY NEEDS TO GO TO THE BATHROOM-EAT-AND HAVE A SHOWER!!
But..all the way home Mother Goose was thinking about all of the above and how just because she was being paid to play that part, she was able to remain as described under not always easy circumstances.
No..when the costume comes off, and Mother Goose is Mommy again, she doesn't get paid. But the job is SO much more important and the investment made brings so much greater a reward!!
And so...Mother Goose- AKA Mommy- stops at McDonald's to surprise them all with a treat. Holds off on the shower until she pays attention to what they want to say, sits down to play with the littles and tries her best to be patient with those being a little demanding. 
Maybe Mommy should write a book: "All I Need To Know, I Learned From Mother Goose!"

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One of the suggested link ups was - entrepreneurial ideas(any type of income). I started a business entertaining at birthday parties and other events as Mother Goose over 10 years ago. Though I focus more on our home business and ministry It's A Blessing and selling Lilla Rose my years as Mother Goose were amazing and I still look forward to any opportunity to dance, sing, do little magic tricks, make the eyes of young children light up and remind myself of the joy of lighting up the eyes of my own precious blessings!


  1. OH my, these words spoke so deeply to my heart... I sent my little to bed this evening with angry words in his ears and heart. I feel so ashamed.

  2. Shannon, when I started to read your AKA Mother Goose blog, I thought, "That sounds exactly like the Shannon I worked for." You always had a smile and a patient answer for...everyone. You're so good at letting kids just be themselves and have a unique gift to see what they need. What a blessing you have always been, to every child that God puts in your path. You've made a difference to more than anyone could count, and are making the biggest difference at home. Praying the Father will continue to renew your energy and give you the peace and strength and faith to continue to serve Him. To God be the Glory!

  3. Thanks Beth...aka "Red Fraggle" :) I do feel God has blessed me with an enormous amount of patience and love for young children...I was caught a bit off guard, though, at how different I can be at home with my own. :( Thank you for your words of encouragement and prayers. We start a whole new journey today...fill you all in later. Blessings!!!

  4. That was a GREAT post! Thank you!