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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Smell of Death and Life

This Post is Mostly Just for Fun...Got Something important to do? This is one you could skip....

God is amazing! Everything He created-amazing. But out of the five senses He created and gave us I think I like the sense of smell the most! I also, hate it the most. So-it is the sense about which I am the most passionate!
Here are my top five things I love to smell-often smell-seek out on purpose-to smell!!

1. My baby's skin...heads-toes-and everywhere in between!
2. Clean/fresh laundry. I love to hold the warm clothes up to my nose and absorb a big whiff!
3.  Lysol. Weird, I know. But it reminds me of when I was young and my Mom's house when she cleaned.
I use it now to clean and just opening the bottle and smelling the stuff makes me "feel" like my house is clean!
4. Baby Powder. I don't use it. Ever. Not on me, not on babies. Mom uses it
every day after her bath-even still. And, so, I have some and love the smell of it.
5. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Mmmm, love the smell.

Here are my top five worst things I hate to smell-have smelled-remember smelling!

1.  Smelly feet or socks or shoes. Ugh! I have a closet just for shoes-don't want
them where I can smell them. I put fabric softener sheets in our foster boys hamper, because did you know 
that smelly feet is hereditary???? My kids DO NOT have smelly feet. Well-let me tell you-these boys do!
I can walk up the stairs if they are playing in their room and their socks can knock me over! 
2.  Dog poop. Dog breath. Dog gas. Dog smell in general. 
Have you read any of my really old posts? If so, you'll start 
to get the gist that I don't like dogs. Sorry dog lovers-I'm just not one.
The smell is reason enough that I will never understand who 
ever decided it was a good idea for these animals to be allowed in houses. 
3. Rotting food in the fridge. Do you know the kind I mean? Not just leftovers. 
I mean the stuff WAY in the back-in the old containers I forgot about. The ones growing
scary are not science experiments. I hate that smell so much that 
if I am the one cleaning the fridge-they go right in the trash! I know it is wasteful-but I would
rather throw the containers away (and have even thrown away glass ones) than open them and have
to smell them to clean them! Really-if you think about it, it's biblical! God says we should burn things
with it away is mild!!
4.  Wet towels that really need a good wash. This is a strange one. I don't like the smell, and yet
it oddly reminds me of frito corn chips-which I like to eat!
5. Mystery smells. I am the super sluth of smelling in our home. When there is a 
mystery stink, I will crawl around on hands and knees smelling the carpet. I will
empty closets, dump out diaper bags, clean everything. I will keep going until I find the 
culprit-even if no one else in the house smells a bad smell. This was my best super sluth 
nose winter day the heat kicks one. I start to smell a BAD stench. No one 
else smells a thing. I start crawling around and my nose leads me to the heater vent.
"It's a dead mouse!" I tell my husband." A dead mouse in the duct work." 
He looks at me like I am crazy, but kindly goes down to the basement to check anyway.
He pulled off the front of the heater and there they were! Not one, but two dead mice..
rotting away and sending their odors through the heating system!

I love the sense of smell God created!

"For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing. to the one we are the smell of death; to the other, the fragrance of life." 2 Corinthians 2: 15-16

Wow-think about that. To those who are being saved-I could be a sweet, wonderful smell-even better than Mommy's baby powder or clean clothes and to the other....I smell even worse than 2 dead mice in the heater!


  1. I have an extra sensitive sniffer, I must have inheirited it from my Dad. He would be able to smell the smallest smell from the other side of the house. Cats who went on the floor were ousted and he said he could still smell the stench a year later! I have been known to go on stench hunts myself. But when I think about it, it really is a gift because it is like an alarm system that goes off when something is wrong.

    As for smells that I love, I love the beach. It is a smell that I relate to fun and relaxation and no allergies to clog my sinuses and cause sinus headaches. I would love to live at the beach!

    God has given gifts that we often don't even recognize as good. So I think it is time that I thank God for the sense of smell and light a pretty smelling candle!

  2. You are so funny! But today you are so right...God's creation is wonderful. It's a gift...and I am going to go lite a candle in my bed room in a minute...BUT...can we talk about doing a give away together....I finally have 25 faithful followers...AND have been doing the blog for 1 It's to honor my followers and my 1 year anniversary. I would love to give away one of you lovely bracelets!

  3. This is a totally different subject than your post, but I LOVE your bookmarks! I got one for my birthday and I loved it! (Funny, it was the "No Greater Love" one). Anyway, keep up the good work!