Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage. Psalm 84:5

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tea Party in the Potty!

I'm having a tea party-in my bathroom-and YOU ARE INVITED!!!!!!

So, my bathroom is a little out of balance. It's happy that way. 
And-I'm happy to have it that way. 
So much so-I think I'll throw a tea party! 
In the bathroom!!!!
I just spent two solid hours cleaning one bathroom. Top to bottom. Inside cabinet
doors, shelves of medicine cabinet, wiped down all the walls, scrubbed the baseboards
and floor on my hands and knees.

I even found the Black Hole!!!! I know, there have been many studies that
show the black hole is somewhere in outer space. Until today, I believed it myself.
Then, I bent down and reached back into the tight space between my sink 
cabinet and the wall. Eureeka! The Black Hole!!!

You wouldn't believe what had been sucked up in there. Polly pockets, a missing space man, q-tips, 
teeth flossers, tissues, bath toys, a cup and some huge pile of something 
that I think must be dust and hair-but it seems to have 
taken on a life of it's own!

As exciting as this discovery was, I do have some sad news. For those of you, who like
me were hoping that when the black hole was discovered we would find all those
lost socks....well....they are not there.

Let's not focus on the sad news, though! We're going to have a tea party. Right on 
my very, very, very, clean bathroom floor. 

There's only one catch. You'll have to climb up the house from the backyard and in through
the bathroom window to join me. You see, the rest of the house is such a disaster, you won't be
able to enjoy the festivities if you have to walk through the wreckage to get to the bathroom.
AAAAHHH, I think I'll try to convince my husband to watch the kiddos and let me 
soak in the tub so I can bask in the only clean room a bit longer.


  1. This so describes my black hole bathroom also :) Hope for the Tea Party and no one will look at the rest of the house!

  2. Goodness, describes many of our bathrooms.

    Enjoy your tea party.