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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Finger Painting

Oh the memories...
When my oldest (now 13) was a baby I was "Super Mommy!!!" (you have to say that like a super hero.."Super Man!"). I did nothing but play with him all day...we read more stories than a library could hold,
went for walks twice a day as I constantly narrated what we saw: "That's a trash truck! Those nice men take our smelly trash away for us. Can you say "pee-eeew"? We never, ever watched any television and Liam knew all of his colors by about 10 months old!!!

In fact...I have a picture of him (somewhere-this was 13 years ago remember-when we used to actually develop pictures-so it's not on my computer), finger painting at ten months old. He was sat nicely at a Little Tykes table, legs tucked under, paper taped to the table, a plastic mat on the floor. Various colors spread across in a masterpiece of toddler wonder!!!! forward about 13 years. Caeleen (who just turned 2 years old today) has never sat nicely at a Little Tykes table-legs tucked under-with the opportunity to finger paint. But...children are very resourceful!

Just last week, we found our kitchen window "finger painted" with ketchup! Caeleen stood there for a good 5 minutes using her finger to dip, dip, into her plate of ketchup and then decorate the window with her own masterpiece!

Today, while I was working on making her a birthday cake, she got her hands on a little container of home made lip balm. Pretty thick stuff. She proceded to scoop in out with her finger and "paint" all over my stove front.

Here's the best part. "Super Mommy!" that I am....I LET HER! I guess I figured if I'm not going to find the time to provide her with meaningful, enriching, art experiences that the least I can do is allow her artistic talents to come out as she sees fit!!

What? Your not buying it? Ok....You're right. I was too pre-occupied to stop her and decided it was worth cleaning up the mess later if I could just get this cake in the oven!!!!!!!


  1. I love your story, such a Super Mom we all start out as. Then real life does us in :) Most of us would do the same with the 2nd child.

  2. haha! Hope the cake turned out well!

    My 20 month old and I were "finger-painting" today. Good thing I "made" the paint because it was all over her face!