Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage. Psalm 84:5

Monday, July 18, 2011

Getting It Together

82 shoes
7 snow suits
16 snow boots
too many baseball hats to count
8 toothbrushes, hundreds of floss sticks, 8 tubes of a few spares
5 different types of Tylenol
cough meds, stomache meds, ear meds, throat meds, etc
The more children you have in your home....the more stuff you need to find a home for as well.
No matter how often I pair down...give away...try to stick to the basics..with 6 children...
we just have a lot of stuff!

I have found that the more organized I am, the smoother our daily routines run. In addition, I am less stressed and that makes everyone happy!!

I am still working on organizing parts of  our home, but we've come a long way in the past year. 
Over the next few posts I'm going to share with you my four favorties!

1. The Shoe Closet
2. The Snowy Wall
3. The Toothbrush Tower
4. Medicine Cabinet Miracle

Perhaps one or two of these techniques would give you a sigh of relief! 

If you have an amazing organizational idea for any of the following...please share!!  Even if you think it's a simple or obvious idea-if you works for you, it just might be something we haven't thought of. 
Us know-we need to help each other  
Get It Together!!

*  hair clips/bows/pretties
*  craft supplies
*  kids cups/lids/straws
*  toys
*  organizing your car stuff/trash/junk

Can't wait to read your ideas!!!!


  1. I could use a medicine cabinet miracle. I have started the decluttering and organizing of our home and find it's best to pick one room or small area tos tart off with. That way you're not overwhelmed.

  2. I use small plastic lock top bins that fit on the back of the toilet, label them with each girls name and it holds their hairbrushes, combs, rubber bands and hair bows.
    Winter gloves, hats and scarves are in a small cabinet next to the front door in our living room. Small home, 3 children, you have to have a plan!