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Friday, July 1, 2011

No Name and Proud of It!

I have no name. At least no name recorded. I play a very small part in a very huge story. In fact, except for the mention of me being present…I’m not even discussed. I could have been offended. I could have raised my fist in the air and shouted out the injustice of not getting credit for all that I did! For my part!

I wasn’t offended. I was blessed. It was hard-don’t get me wrong! Some days, like the time I was shunned by my previous friends-really hurt. The smells-ugh! But, in the end it was all a blessing. Every tough day was an opportunity to show God’s grace to those around me. Every hurt feeling became an opportunity to lean more on the Lord. Every passer by’s mean comments became another chance to stand strong next to my man and let him know I wasn’t going to give up on him!

You might think you’ve got it tough. Perhaps your husband is trying something new? Taking a leap of faith that frightens you a bit? Maybe he’s stepping out and sharing his faith in a way that makes you uncomfortable? Is he doing something most think is crazy? Do you some days think you should step in and tell him why you KNOW he’s wrong and his plans are NOT going to work? I’ve been there. I’ve felt that. Ladies..if I can do can! Trust me!!! No one in this day and age has ever had to deal with their husband like I did. 

My name…is…Mrs. Noah. Well, not really. But what else does anyone know me by? You could call me Mary-or Martha-or Isabelle. One of them might be right. But…really and truly, who I am-is MRS. NOAH. Everything that is important about me has become wrapped up in my strong, righteous, blameless, amazing husband Noah-who walked with God!

Maybe your husband is trying to start his own business. Does that scare you? Well-imagine if he spent all his time building a massive ark in the middle of the desert! “No cuddle in front of the tv time tonight dear..I’ve got more building to do!” “Sorry dear, can’t get to that honey do list..still cutting down trees for the twentieth year in a row!” “Game night with the neighbors? No can do…busy, busy, busy!”
Really-how much time do you imagine was left for me and the kids with a task like he had laid before him?

Our part: be loving. Be kind. Take the time you get graciously and appreciate him. Be thankful that God has blessed you (like he did me) with a hard worker and enjoy the time you do have together.
In addition to that you can find ways to work along side of him. How can you help him be even more successful at his job? I might have cleaned tools, helped carry supplies, certainly helped care for the animals once on board-and often just bringing a cold drink and some food to nourish and strengthen my man was enough!

Maybe your husband embarrasses you in public. Does he say things you wish he wouldn’t? Maybe those things are biblically correct but you just wish he wouldn’t be so “in your face” about it? Our men must follow God-not us. Imagine the crazy looks we got when Noah told others what he was building and why! We lost all our friends and gained instead many on-lookers who sneared at us and called us horrible things. Stand by your man. Encourage him not to give up. Not to give in. Put your arm through his to let others know you are by his side every step of the way and never contradict him in public.

Maybe your husband has some crazy ideas!!!! Does he like to try new things? Go out on a limb? What could be more crazy than what my husband did for 100 years!!! Did you read that ladies? 100 years!!! I didn’t say 1 year- or even a few-but 100 years!!!!!! That’s a long time of trusting and waiting and helping and supporting. You can do it! You can be patient and loving and respectful. Show your children that you are behind their Daddy! My sons helped my man with his project-perhaps your children can show support by helping their Daddy in some way! Maybe simple things that will save him time such as: taking out the trash for him, mowing the lawn, bringing him a drink when he’s working hard, or just sharing an encouraging word like, “We think you’re great Daddy!”

Ladies, God created us to be a helpmeet for our men. He has blessed us with Godly husbands who are trying their best-in a tough as nails world to do what God has called them to do. No one may ever know your name. Perhaps your husband will one day be famous and all that will be mentioned of you is that you were present-he had a wife. It shouldn’t be the recognition we desire. It shouldn’t be that we are trying to put attention on ourselves. Focus your attention on the man God has blessed you with and I encourage you to find ways to bring Glory to God by standing strong next to your husband-even if he’s building an ark!
Mrs. Noah

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  1. Hi Shannon, I've enjoyed your story about standing in the shadows of your husband. I agree with your comments about how God created us to support our husbands in every way we can. It must have been a trial to be Mrs. Noah but in the end, she stood by her man and God and was saved!

  2. Thank you so very much for writing this post! It definitely struck a cord with me. Many times I have to SHUT MY MOUTH before I do something stupid! When I stand back and watch the Lord work through my husband, I am consistently amazed. He even does the job of Holy Spirit better than I! Oh, the blessings of a shut mouth, praying heart, focused mind, and an arm-in-arm with my husband. :)

  3. It can be a tough job being a help-meet, but the blessing that come with doing it God's way are tremendous! Thank you for this reminder! :)

  4. Thank you for a fresh look at standing behind our man! Love it, "Mrs. Noah"! It sounds as if you might have been reading some of Debi Pearl's book, Created to Be His Help Meet. It is full of encouragement like this. Way to go. I enjoyed this post.

    Blessings from Niki