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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Let The Fun Begin!!!

Let the Fun Begin!!!!

Lots of ways to enter this give away for a free Medium sized Fallen Leaf-Exclusive November Flexi Clip! It sells for $16.95 BUT has been sold out since only 24 hours after it was introduced!!! So...this is the only way I know of you could get one!!! And-it would be my gift to you!!

Here's how to get chances to win:

* 1 entry for liking my new Lilla Rose Face Book Page (or saying you already do)
LIlla Rose-Shannon Ferraby

* 1 entry for sharing this giveaway on your facebook page

* 2 entries for sharing on your sure to leave the link to it. :)
( all comments and entries need to be left on my Lilla Rose Face Book page-not here on the blog. Thanks!)

* 3 entries for visiting my Lilla Rose site at:
and signing up as a customer (no purchase necessary). It must be my page: Shannon Ferraby. (I would never want to try to take another Lilla Rose Consultants if you already have a Lilla Rose consultant, I am sorry but you won't be able to qualify for this and the last option.)

* 5 entries for making any purchase on my Lilla Rose site. (note: if you have ever even visited another consultant's site-your computer will remember the address and take you to that consultant. If you are a customer..please stick with your consultant..if will need to erase the address from your computer or use a different browser to get to my page. If it says Shannon found me!)

For each entry, go back to the give away instructions post on my Lilla Rose Face Book page and leave one comment for each entry. For example..for a purchase you would leave 5 comments ( I made a purchase #1, I made a purchase #2, etc.)

I'm already picturing how gorgeous this clip will look in your hair! I hope you win!!!!



  1. Hi, I liked your facebook page for your business. Love the products

  2. I shared your giveaway via facebook

  3. I created an account as your customer

  4. Thanks Leah...I'm moving your entries over to the facebook page for you so I don't miss them when the winner is chosen.
    Just a reminder...all entries must be listed on the Lilla Rose face book page-comment on the post with contest instructions. Thanks! Hope you win!