Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage. Psalm 84:5

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When pain and sadness darken your doorway what do you do?

Do you sit in the darkness and cry to all who will here?
"It is so-o-o-o dark!"
"Why does it have to be so dark?"
"I wish someone would come and rescue me from this darkness!"

Do you cry and feel sorry for yourself because you can't see anything. You have no idea why your door has been darkened so and you can't see any light to free you from it?

Do you give in to the darkness and just lie down.
Feeling as if you can't see to escape so why bother trying?

Do you grope around in a panic? Screaming and yelling and destructing things that you come across? 

Do you curl up in a ball and ignore the help being offered
because in some way it seems safer and easier to just stay put?

When pain and sadness darken your doorway what do you do?

Do you pray?

Do you ask the One who is light to be your light?

Do you rest in His faithfulness while you wait out the darkness?

Do you remember that He is victorious over the darkness?

Do you speak truth into your own mind and allow Him to bring up what is hidden in your heart?

Do you listen when others remind you of His ways and to trust?

Do you take the hands that are reaching out to you?
 Do you rejoice always and give thanks for all circumstances?

Do you find joy in your salvation?

Do you give Glory to the One who has already rescued you from 
eternal darkness and knows what is best for you now?

Do you carefully manage the darkness while you find the 
source of light that has already been provided for you? 

If I found myself to be in literal darkness-initially the shock might frighten me, but I would not stay afraid. I would remember that I am prepared. That there are numerous flashlights in the house...extra batteries...candles and matches galore. I would know within seconds that the darkness will not last and even if the lights don't come back on..I have a source of light myself.
 I would carefully find my way through the darkness...holding onto to furniture mind you..I would realize it might be a bit precarious..but I would go none the less. I would not sit and cry or feel sorry for myself. I would not yell and scream and make a big fuss. I would not curl up in a ball and feel like all is over. And, if someone offered me their hand to walk me into the other room to get my flashlight-
I would gratefully take their hand and their help.

Why is it then...that in this season of my life, when I find my doorstep has been darkened with pain and sadness,  that I notice a tendency to hide in it. To avoid others who may just want to help. To sit in the darkness and feel sad and just wonder how long it will last but not really getting up or doing anything proactive to change the situation.

It's time. It's time to find my way into the kitchen. Open the drawer and feel around for the flashlights. It's time to shine it brightly-wave it all around and rejoice that the light pushes back the darkness and that the darkness can have no victory in my life! It's time to listen to that still small voice and start praising Him! To let my mourning turn into gladness and my weaping into rejoicing!

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  1. That is it...we have to find the light source. Flashlight early, spiritual is God