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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Intertwined for Life!

Look closely at this flexi clip! It's more than just a gorgeous piece of hair jewerly!

On the left you'll see a Mommy....then the rose in the center...and on the right....her child!

Such a beautiful picture of our lives with our children. Flowing...connected...intertwined for life!!

This has to be my favorite flexi of all time-and that's saying a lot-I love them all!!!

Just released in time for Mother's Day and only available while supplies last.

To order yours-and receive FREE SHIPPING on all orders $20 or more, visit my web site at:

Forwarding this lovely to your husband with a little wink, wink, hint, hint 
would be completely acceptable!

PS...with your order you will also receive a free download of Justine Dorsey's new song.."Mama's Song" It is sweet and tender and goes so well with this new flexi!


  1. I really have been thinking of trying these, will they work for a bun?

  2. Tesha..they will work for a whole bun!!! If your hair is pretty long and thick you will want a large. Then, you roll your bun as usual and no rubberbands needed or anything! The clip pin goes through the one side, flexes over the bun and clips on the other side. I tried it with a woman last weekend at a craft fair and it looked so pretty over her bun! If your hair is thin (like mine) you might get away with a medium. If you decide to try one and it's the wrong size, no worries, we'll just swap it out.