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Monday, April 23, 2012

Treasuring our Mothers

As a mother myself, there is no more tender a moment than when one of my 5 children expresses
their love for me!

When my 3 year old snuggles up in bed and still curls her body to fit with her toes against my belly.
When my 6 year old son tells me he's going to marry me when he's a grown up.
When my 8 year old daughter grabs my hand at night when I pray and won't let go!
When my 12 year old sits close on the couch and is too shy to say a word but I know she wants to spend time with me.
When my 14 year old son spends entire days with me at craft shows and helps me in every way he can.

Expressions of love come in all different ways. Our words...our actions...our body language.

Sometimes, like on special holidays, we try to find just the right gift to show someone how much we love them.

Mother's Day is fast approaching and I'd like to share some blessing bracelets with you! Perhaps one is just the right look-or has just the right verses to bless your Mom/Mother in Law/Grandmother and tell her in a special way how much you love and appreciate her!

To the one who loves me with all of her heart (hearts),
Who sticks by me through the good and the bad (light and dark beads),
and who showed me how to keep Jesus (the rock) the center of my life!
Mom's Are Forever Love!  

Fingerprint:There is no one like you! God created only one you-with only you having your own original ways and looks and fingerprints! I am so thankful he chose you to be my Mom! 

The fingerprint bead is just one of many on this bracelet with special meaning for your Mom!

A delicate, lovely, reminder that she has been a Proverbs 31 woman in your life!
Titus 2...your Mom...sharing with you..the younger to love your family!
These beautiful blessing bracelets are all available to purchase and ship to you in time to bless your Mom! 
Visit our etsy shop at:
to purchase a special, meaningful gift to show your Mom, this Mother's Day, how very much she means to you!
(cause, I'm just guessing..that she might find it a bit weird if you tried to snuggle up with your toes in her belly like my 3 year old!)

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  1. These are really sweet thanks for sharing :)