Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage. Psalm 84:5

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fly in the Fridge

All I intended to do was open the fridge to pull out some vegetables for dinner. 
The king of the flies, however, had a different idea!

As I opened the door and that magic light came on, King Fly, buzzing loud enough to be a trumpet blaring to announce his presence, came zooming past my head and flew right inside!! He was determined to find the source of that light and it was obvious to me that it was now his sole purpose in life! Forget reigning over the other flies...or mating with his queen, or even that wonderful pile of doggy-well-you get the idea.
He forgot it all in pursuit of that magic light in side my fridge. 

While King Fly buzzed frantically around the milk jugs, ducked under the soda shelf and zipped past the leftover ham, I desperately tried to catch him or at the very least-shoo him out of my fridge!!! Energy wasting, food getting too warm, but I dare not shut the door and leave him in there! In just that split second I had visions of throwing out all of the contents for fear this great-giant-big as a bumble bee fly might lay eggs or something on our food. Ok-yeah-the laying eggs thought kills the theory of him being King...but-who can process that in a split second?????

I swatted, shooed, swiped, even pounced and suddenly-King Fly was gone! I would certainly have known if he flew out. I could no longer hear his buzzing. I looked on and under each shelf. He was just-gone!
It was then, that I realized what had occurred. King Fly made it to his destination. He not only found the source of what he thought was this amazing, wonderful light-but he found his way right inside of it!  
And- well - King Fly reigns no more. 

If only that fly would have realized I could have saved his life! I would not have hurt him if he would have just followed my pleading to get out of the fridge!!! I could have even opened the back door and set him free! Free! Free at last to find true fly happiness!

But, no. He was too intent on what he wanted. What he thought was best for him. My giant hands and arms flapping around him scared him. The idea of something so big, so powerful, taking control? Not a chance! He was King after all! The light he wanted! The light he was going after! The light he achieved!
And with it-his death.

I'm a bit dramatic tonight-what can I say! I'm a busy Mommy cooped up with 6 kids all day, with no adults to talk to and so....King Fly ignites my imagination and one minute I'm looking for veg and the next I'm relating my spiritual journey to a dead fly!

Truth is...I can relate. 

I remember after many seeds had been planted...after I recognized the weeds in my life....feeling the strong desire to just run after my own way. To plow ahead with my own selfish ignore this BIG-POWERFUL and in some ways scary God that I didn't know -who seemed to be trying to stop me from everything I had been trying to accomplish! I had a battle going on in my mind and in my heart.

What I didn't know was that God was calling me to himself to SAVE ME! Not to harm me or to hurt me in any way. And...I didn't yet understand that by ignoring him and running full speed ahead with my own ways-would lead to destruction. To death!

Poor King Fly. Died an untimely death. But...PRAISE GOD!!!! He saved me from the King Fly in me!!!



  1. I understand your pain:) Ewww a fly in the fridge....

  2. What is worse is opening the fridge and finding a dead one. The post was adorable!