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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Hubby Whistled At Me!!!!

My Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Consider Becoming A Consultant with Lilla Rose!

10.  We have just hit the 90degree mark in Ohio. I pulled my hair up in two seconds-phew-feels so good! How hot is it where you live???

9. The clip I just put in my hair..I got for free...along with about 20 per month since December. I am building up my personal collection and my sales supply-without paying for them!!! As a consultant-I would teach you how to get your own for free each month!

8.  When my hair is up..I feel so much more feminine. Even doing housework-feels better when I am "put together" so beautifully. When is the last time you felt like a princess while mopping the floor?

7.  I have an easy way to do my 3 daughters hair-no plastic clips that hurt-no headbands that give headaches-no rubber bands that pull their hair out! Are you tired of the crying and whining when you want your girl's hair to look neat and pretty?

6.  I am "meeting" wonderful Christian women through the blogging community. Some on my team already-others I advertise with. It is fun...and encouraging! Join us!!! You will be blessed!

5.  I am making money to help my husband and our household. The ultimate goal is for my husband to be able to get back to the mission organization we moved to Ohio to join. We're not there yet. But..who knows-all things are possible with God. You can earn a little-or a lot-depending on how much time you invest.

4.  The Lilla Rose team are amazing. The staff and owner have personally called and emailed me to encourage me in my business, answer questions, and do whatever they can to help-without pressure. As part of my team-I would be here to help you build your business.

3.  As a busy Mom of 6..I don't get out much. I enjoy working a craft fair each month where selling clips and making some money is just a side benefit. Really and truely-I love the break and the opportunity to meet people and socialize with others.

2.  My 11 year old daughter comes to craft fairs with me and the time with her all day-is priceless.

1.  Yesterday, my husband whistled at me when he drove by and I was walking the baby in the stroller. I'm 40. I'm tired a lot of the time. I was wearing sloppy clothes. Want to know what looked so good from behind??? My hair!!! Seriously-we've been married almost 18 years and last year when I found/bought/and signed up to sell Lilla Rose was the first time (of now many times) that my husband ooed an aaahed over my hair. He notices it-still-a year later-almost every time I wear a new clip or try a different up do. Takes me 2 seconds and is worth it all day when I get a whistle from my hubby!!!!!

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