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Monday, May 9, 2011

My Not So "Little" House

I had a wonderful "Little House on the Prairie" moment yesterday.. For those of you new to It's A Blessing, that's when something brings back fond memories of a Little House Episode...and I bask in the moment and try to pretend I live that life! That is not to say I am not content with the wonderful life God has blessed me with-just that I'm a Little House Junkie!

"But godliness with contentment is great gain." 
I Timothy 6:6

Early am...the house is quiet...I am up, showered and wearing my favorite to the floor skirt. I decide to go let my sons chickens out instead of them having to wait for his sleepy head to get up.

I am excited to join the early morning birds, chipmunks and squirrels as they dance around my backyard! Obviously, they are  as excited as I am to see the sun for the first time this spring!

Due to the extreme amount of rain we have endured, the majority of our yard is more swamp then grass. So, I grasp a gathering of my long skirt in my left hand and saunter to the back of the yard where the coop is.

There it was. My moment. Did you catch it?

I found myself lifting my face to feel the warm sun on my cheeks and smiling as I felt like Ma. Feeding the chickens, or hanging out the laundry, or even helping Pa with plowing. Long skirt in one hand to save it being dragged through the dirt.


Simple-I know. Who cares? Maybe. But for me...a very busy Mom of 6 (yes..last time it was 7..join me for my Wednesday Winks and you'll put the pieces together) that small moment-that warm smile-that fond memory-is just enough to get me through a hectic morning when they all wake up!!!

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  1. I love Little House and have started watching it at night when the kids go to bed ☺