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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I don't need anything

"A gentle answer turns away wrath." Proverbs 15:1

"Jack, come sit at the table and get started on your homework." I tell my 6 year old foster son.

"Ok" he replies. He sits down and I ask him to start by reciting his Bible verse for the week.

At this point, I am mentally noting that he is unusually co-operative.

After the verse-comes spelling. Some days I just have him practice spelling orally. Other days, I have him write the words a certain number of times. I know ahead of time that whatever number I say, he will whine and then I will increase it by one. Sometimes he will whine again-or cry it is too hard-and then I will add another. Usually-that's as far as it goes and then he knuckles down and gets it done.

"Time for spelling. Here's a piece of paper-I want you to write each word 3 times, neatly, please."

I wait for it.

"Ok." Jack says.

Wow! I am not sure why the sudden change, but I notice and respond with:

"High five buddy! That was a great way to respond to Mommy!"

I then move on to finish what I was working on. After a minute or two, Jack gets up from his seat and walks over to stand next to me. I finish what I was saying to my oldest son and then ask,
"Do you need something Jack? Do you need help?"

"I don't need anything." He replies.
"I just got up to give you a hug...and a kiss....and tell you I love you."

I think I'll just stop there-except to mention that when he first came to us he was described as "distant...unapproachable...internalizes emotions...builds up walls....not affectionate...doesn't know how to bond with adults, etc."

I've got chills all over again...just remembering the moment.

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  1. Oh what nice words! Yes that is something to make chills :)