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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I've Got The Power

Apparently, my little son is still pondering about God's power and how he can get some!

Again, completely out of the blue, he inquires of me:

"Mom, can God, like, give away his power to people and not lose any of his power?"

Wow. He's five! And I get the opportunity to explain to POWER TERMS...the amazing truth of
Hebrews 13:8!

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever".

He listens as I explain that God is always the same-always has been. He will never ever change and that is how we can always trust him and know he will always do what is best in our lives and be there for us. I make sure to answer his part of the question and say that, yes, God can give you gifts-or power-whenever he wants and it doesn't change him or take away from him one bit!

"Oh" is all he replied.

Satisfied, he went back to playing with his trucks. 

I'm excited as I wait to see what "Power Question" he will come up with next and what opportunity God will graciously give me through this curious little boy's mind-to talk about God while we work and while we play..when we get up and when we lie down.

Thank you Lord for a wonderful moment and for your amazing power!!!!

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