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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good Clean Fun!

Jack, my 6 year old, disobeyed and wore his "school shoes" on our friends farm.
With all the rain we've had here in Ohio-they came home looking and smelling disgusting!

I gave him the "natural consequence" of cleaning his own shoes. Thinking that would be a fair
punishment for his disobedience.

Little did I know, his actions would remind me of a wonderful-summer time tactic!!!!

Give your little ones a big bucket of soapy water-some sponges and just about anything at all that you want cleaned!!!

Voila!!! Hours of entertainment and items that if not spotless are certainly cleaner than before they started!

While I type (sitting in the front doorway- out of waters reach-and the littles are on the front porch)
they are presently washing all the crocs in our shoe collection! They have also wiped down the legs of the porch chairs, the wheels of the stroller parked there, not to mention that their toes are very shiny!!!

This afternoon when the olders come home, I think I'll put all the porch furniture on the front lawn and continue this, I mean FUN!!!!

What do you have that could use a good scrub and which of your kids are in the mood for some


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