Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage. Psalm 84:5

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Check! hubby is excersizing. I mean-REALLY excersizing. The kind where he is setting the alarm clock to wake up WAY TOO early, and working so hard he can't put his own socks on after because his muscles hurt so bad.

He's doing a great job and when I was asking him about the program, he said,
"Do you want to try it with me?"

WHAT???!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING???!!!

Wake up an hour earlier-when I only get 6 hours of very interrupted sleep in the first place?

I said, "NO WAY!"

Then -I felt bad. I mean-he's doing this for both of us. Perhaps I should make an effort to get in better shape.

Then-I had to laugh at myself all day today as I totally justified my answer of "NO WAY" and found lots of examples of super-dooper-excersizing I already do!!!!  Maybe some of you Moms out there are feeling a bit lazy....a bit lacking in the excersize area...well...take a look at this list!!! I bet you do them all-and more!!!! They have got to count just as much as an hour of stuff in the am when my body needs to be snoozing.....

1.  Ran up and down the stairs at least 20 times to get diapers, wipes, tissues, toilet paper for downstairs bathroom, laundry to wash, time for my shower, dog got upstairs-catch her quick, etc . etc. Leg workout-check!
2. S-t-r-e-t-c-h my legs out to shave my legs...then to put cream those muscles tighten? Thighs and calves-check!
3. Wrestle the baby down to change her diaper-not even sure what that works out-but it's a work out! Check!
4. Food shopping-bought giant bottles of gateraid and lifted them in the cart-out of the cart-in the trunk-out of the trunk! Those babies are heavy! Phew-arm workout-check!
5. Ran from the backyard to the car to rescue the M&M's I forgot and left in the trunk. Quick! They might melt!!! Wow..when did my buttocks get so jiggly when I run??? Welll-rear end excersizes and cardio-check!
6.  Baby sees me resting on the floor (well-can you blame me after all that I've done already?) and climbs onto my legs while I"m laying on my back. Up, down, up, down, vroom went the airplane-round and round-in for a landing!!! "Again!" She cries! How can I resist? Up, down, up down, at least 5 more times.Tummy work out-check!
7. Baby falls asleep in the car...crocheting while I wait for her to wake up...wrist workout-check!
8. Kids out back fighting...I'm working on this blog....yell out the window to see what's going on-put one in time out-the others need re-direction...vocal cords workout-check! :)
9.  Typing, typing, typing, check facebook, check favorite blogs, check etsy shop and Lilla Rose...visual and finger workout-check!

Well-that's my excersizing done for the day...and...I can still put my own socks on! Amazing! Only thing left...spiritual work out-better hit the Good Book!

Have you done your excersizing today?

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