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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ABC's....Summer time Blessings

I can't help it...I think of everything at the preschool level...comes from working with preschoolers since I was about 12 years old!!

Thinking about all the blessings of summer time this morning...perhaps you can add a few of your own???

A-All done school!!!! I know some homeschool year round-but I need a break! So..we just do a few essentials each day.
B-Birds singing and on the feeders-especially love the woodpeckers we see daily.
C-Camps! This year our children are signed up for various day and 1/2 day camps. They are really having fun, enjoying seeing kids every day (something they don't get during the school year) and the time outside each day is wonderful!
D-Dunkin Donuts....I love coffee...more specifically-I love lattes-and on a hot summer day an ice cold caramel latte from Dunkin Donuts hits the spot!!!
E-Elephant Soup. Yummy!!!!! Ok..just kidding. No such thing. Didn't have an "e" off the top of my head and that's what popped in. See-told you, preschool brain. At least it wasn't potty talk! :)
F-Fun! Fun! Fun!  Speaking of which-time to take the toddler outside-she is yelling, "Go outside now?? Go outside now???"

So-I'm off-for a walk in the neighborhood-a swing on the hammock-a splash in the baby pool-a cuddle with the bunny...

It's a Blessing!!!

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