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Friday, June 10, 2011

Heaters vs. Air

My Brogan Boy-again-I think he's going to be a theologan~

Out of pure silence he questions me:
"Why didn't God just give us all heaters instead of air?"

WHAT!? I had to stop and think about that one.

"What do you mean, "give us all heaters?" Do you mean to breathe?"

"Yes", he further explained. "He could have just put heaters on our backs or something so we could get air thr...." He stopped mid sentence and asked:

"Wait a minute! Does a heater just take the air already there and suck it through and then it comes out again?"

"Yes," I explain. "Only God makes air-not people and not the heaters.  The heater just sucks it in- heats it up and it comes out warm."

"Oh. That wouldn't work then. I thought if God gave us all heaters to use to breathe that we could SEE the air. Why didn't He make it so we can see the air?"

Well-here we go!

We talk about how amazing air is-how essential it is-how you can't see it but you can see it's power. You can see what it is moving-how it is moving it-how fast or how slow. You can see how it gives life-and how it can destory life.

Brogan is still listening but by this point I think I am talking mostly to myself as I become amazed at the complexity of air. Something we take for granted with each and every breath!

I conclude our little session by sharing my amazment:

"Brogan-you know what!? I think God made air invisible on purpose!
 I think He uses it as just one of the wonderful things in His creation to show us who He is and what He is like! God is like air! God is invisible! We can not see Him-but we can see His power! We can see how he is moving and changing people-sometimes fast and sometimes slow-we can see how He gives us life-and sometimes takes it away. We know we need Him-we know without Him we would have no life-and yet sometimes we let days and days go by without even thinking about Him-who gives us life!  Let's thank God for air-and for your mind-and for using the things He has created to reveal himself to us both!!"

One of my favs of Brogan Boy!

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