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Monday, June 27, 2011

Shhh! Don't wake the baby-unless there's a tornado??????

Whenever I have a baby....making sure they sleep and stay asleep has always been very important to me.

Tonight, however, I think I went a bit overboard!

Our "baby" (she's actually 2 1/2-but still my baby) would not take a nap today, and so after a long and
busy day-she crashed on the couch about 5pm. Then we all it a nap? Or is it bedtime?

She was carried to bed by her biggest brother-and she stayed asleep...hmmmm...maybe bedtime!

But, it didn't last long. She woke up calling for "Mommy". I laid down next to her and tried to nurse her back down. Some of you are now going back up to read her age....yes, I'm still nursing my 2 1/2 year old. Maybe we'll get into that another time. Maybe.

Anyway...while nursing her back to sleep-at just the point where I think she is going back to sleep I hear a long, wailing siren.

In NJ-this always meant a fire somewhere. It was called the "fire whistle". No need for alarm-unless of course you were a fire fighter and needed to speed to the station.

We have lived here in Ohio for 3 years, and each Saturday at noon when the siren goes off, I calmly tell my children, "Don't worry-just the fire station testing the whistle." It was not until about a month ago that I fell upon a tid bit of information I was not aware of!!!

Ohio has tornadoes and tornadoe sirens!!

WHAT? I never even heard of that. Yeah, sorry-a bit pathetic-but true. Since this revelation, I've been intrigued by a green sky one morning, listening to our weather radio occassionally and tonight...heard what must have been the tornado siren!

Here's the really wacky part. I just kept listening! Hmmm, is that really a tornado warning? I glance out the windows. Doesn't look like a storm a brewin....maybe it is used for fires as well?

A few more minutes go by...she's not letting go...I don't want to wake her.

"What if it's a real warning? Should I be getting everyone in the basement?"

The siren is still going.

"Should I at least go get the weather radio?"

The siren is still going-and she's still attached.

"If I get up, she'll wake up for sure." I stay there. The siren finally stops and I think to myself.
"I must be crazy! I just let her keep nursing, for fear of waking her, thinking that was more important than
possibly getting my family to safety from an oncoming tornado!!!!!!!"

Well-I did get up as soon as she was sound asleep..I checked the weather, checked the national warning thing, even tried to call the local departments to see why it went off. Nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

Ah, well-baby's still asleep-house is still standing-all are safe....guess as crazy as it sounds this time my choice turned out ok.

I'm thinking a lot about choices tonight-I might be back.


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  1. Well, I've never heard a tornado siren, but I do know what it's like to wish the world would mute itself so I could put a baby to sleep! Glad everyone's safe!