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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday's Wink

 This Wednesday's Wink is going to put a smile on your face and a wiggle in your step!

Well-at least that's what it does for me!

I'm not a big background noise kinda person. My husband turns the music on and up....I wander into the room and turn it down or off...his turn, my turn, and so it goes. He likes the music to drown out the noise...I need the music off so I can pay attention to the noise and be able to focus on the needs the noise is demanding!

That being said-there is this one exception..(well-maybe two or three-but definetly this one).

When I hear this song....I stop what I am doing. It puts a smile on my face every single time-it seems to wash away the stress, relax the tight muscles..the toes start tapping and I feel 16 again!

This song only came out this year-and trust me-I'm no where near 16!!!'s not the song that brings back that feeling-it's the exact lyrics of it. Listen to the words as Jimmy Needha sings about being found by Jesus and what that felt like!!!!

I remember being 16 years old. Attending a youth group concert with my friends from the christian school I was attending-though I and my family were not believers. I had listened to them as they had their turn planting seeds-but I pushed them all away with comments of "that's nice for you" or "I'm fine-thanks." Until that night. There were at least a thousand people in attendance-but I am telling you the singer (it was Al Denson-anyone remember him?) was talking right to me! Well-more like right through me-or through my heart!

I was sweating (and no-it was not from the dancing!), my heart was pounding out of my chest and I was STILL ready to run from God. I bolted out of that place faster than a cheetah after it's prey.

But..God was prepared.

He sent my friends out after me. They had seen the signs before. They told me it was God calling me to him that was making me feel that way. NO WAY! I wanted out of there! But, they convinced me to at least go back inside. I did. For about 5 minutes. Back out I went-tears pouring down my face-panting for breath-fighting with tooth and nail to hold onto....hold onto....what?! I don't know what I was thinking!!! I guess I was holding onto some type of imaginary control.

But..God was prepared.

He wasn't just calling me.

He was pursuring me. Furvently!!!! Passionately!!!!

They convinced me once more to go back inside and that night I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ.

This song..will give you a little "wink's insight" to how I felt for so long after!!!!!
Just click on this link below to go directly to a You Tube video of this amazing song!

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