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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Overwhelming Love

Dear Blogging Friends....
If you have not already seen my face book posts, linking to Love for Zaria, 
please take a moment to check out this link:

Love To Zaria-Overwhelming!

Not long ago,,,I posted this need from another blog:
Family Needs Your Help

And in less then 24 hours the need was met! You can read about that here:
Look At The Birds

It's A Blessing has made a donation to help Zaria's family...but we also decided to join in the giveaway to help encourage others to make a donation.

Oh? Didn't you know? When you make a donation, as little as $5.00, you are entered in this AMAZING giveaway with an incredible list of prizes that have been donated from all over for this cause!!!!!

It's a Blessing has donated a $25.00 certificate for that winner (there will be lots of winners) to purchase something of their choice.

Please take at least a moment to look over the first link..and pray about it. If God leads you to help this family-do it!! And you will be part of HIS OVERWHELMING LOVE!!!!!

Have a Blessed Day!!!

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